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A-Theme is here!  The World's 1st Premium Theme for aMember!

From the "out of control" mind of one of Italy's most influential marketing-oriented Web Designer, aMember users experience is totally NEW.

It's time to wave goodbye to the default static theme
and bring "a touch of Chanel" to your aMember with professional Design!

Turbo-charge your conversions with new and customized order pages
that you can create yourself – no need to become a programmer!

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for only 97€

A-Theme is completely written in ENGLISH LANGUAGE

A revolution for your aMember!

Sleek, impressive graphics worthy of your online business will transform the user experience,
giving you a professional look that will DRASTICALLY improve how your existing and future customers see you!

A NEW and revolutionary way to create your order pages! You'll have 6 (that's right, SIX) clickable areas around the form to upload custom content such as testimonials, guarantees and lists of the benefits of your product – whatever you want.
Improve your conversion rate without needing to be a programmer!

A professional login page just like a 5-STAR HOTEL!

Give the old, ugly, anti-marketing login page a kick in the pants!

Turn your login page into a PROFESSIONAL GATEWAY that creates a great impression with customers while being simple to use and easy on the eye.

After all, marketing is a battle of perceptions, isn't it?

A control panel so simple
I'm afraid it might offend you!

Everything you need to make your theme functional and align it with your business.

  • Upload your logo

  • Customize the colors

  • Customize the favicon

  • Customize the header

  • Display the logos of accepted payment methods

  • Upload CSS code to customize whatever you want

  • Upload JavaScript code to add features

  • Customize the footer content in 3 separate columns

Really Responsive

Integrated with the world's most responsive CSS framework, A-Theme delivers high performance and a truly fantastic responsive experience.

With A-Theme, the menu is also accessible from mobiles!


You can "get your hands" on A-Theme
and revolutionize for ever your Amember
for just €97!
Get this deal now, because time's ticking away!

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Frequently Asked Questions

(click on a question to read the answer)

What happens after I make the purchase?

After making the purchase, new customers will receive an email containing a username and password that they can use to access the customer area.

If you are already one of our customers (through Venusio, WP Cookie Privacy or another service), just log in to your customer area, where you will find the Zip package (which includes the theme and a small plugin to upload via FTP) and the license to use when installing your A-Theme.

Is adding A-Theme to my aMember PRO complicated?

Absolutely NOT! Installing A-Theme is incredibly simple. Once you have downloaded the Zip package, you simply copy the A-Theme folder into the amember Themes folder.

I don't want to make a mess of it. Can you install it for me?

Absolutely yes! If you would rather let us take care of uploading the theme to your aMember PRO, buy the VIP package. We will get in touch to request some information in order to carry out the operation. We need FTP credential to do this

I have several aMembers; can I upload it to all my installations?

Unfortunately not. You can only activate it once for each copy of aMember.

If you manage more than 5 aMember PROs and you would like to take advantage of a multiple license bundle, contact us.

Will A-Theme have updates?

A-Theme is the WORLD'S FIRST PREMIUM THEME! This means that we will be developing updates, but these will be totally optional. The current version of A-Theme has been extensively tested and is fully functional.

Is it difficult to upload the updates?

A simple copy & paste is all it takes.